Ansatz Ltda.

We imagine, we create. We push forward.

Welcome to Ansatz, where engineering is at its coolest.

Software and Electronics from Bogotá to the world.

What we do

We devote most of our time to the study and development of novel ideas, and all of our products reflect this. We strive to bring you products that are innovative, extremely useful, and easy to use.


In our home country, electronics and robotics are a thing of a few. Since we love these and we want to help spark an interest in engineering, we decided to launch the website There you will find tutorials, examples, and tools to make your projects work. Our latest addition is 3D printing!  Our goal is for emb-ideas to become the largest Spanish-speaking community for electronics' enthusiasts online. 


Web and Mobile Development? Platform-oriented software? Machine learning? You name it, we've done it before.  Here at Ansatz we specialize in custom-made solutions, and that is the reason we are constantly exploring new possibilities and come up with systems that integrate knowledge from different fields. Sure, this kind of development takes more time and a larger initial investment, but the benefits far outweight these drawbacks.



Ansatz was created in 2010 by a group of young professionals. Fresh out of college, they decided that they did not want to follow the rules, but would rather make their own. With a strong background in engineering and science, but no previous business experience, they set out to develop custom-made software and electronics for small businesses.

Five years have passed, and the same people continue to run the company, and they still strive for innovation to bring to life tools to empower the little guy.

What's with the name?

Yeah, we get asked that a lot. The short story is that this word comes from the German language and it has a variety of meanings, if we had to choose one, we would go with "a fresh attempt at something". By the way, if you are curious, you could take a look at this.

The not-so-short story is that we adapted the word from its use in physics and we want Ansatz to be the answer you have been looking for, even if at first we cannot quite explain you why.


Ansatz Headquarters are located in Bogotá, Colombia.

If you want to get in touch we us, feel free to drop us a line at

You can also reach us via Skype (@ansatzltda) or by phone (+57 1 463 6666).

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